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Relationship: Child of im/migrant
This is my red and gold sarong that my grandma made for me.
This is my red and gold sarong that my grandma made for me.

     The object that represents my family’s cultural identity is a garment that is made from a special cloth that is wrapped around your body and tucked either around your waist or underarms, which is called a sarong (pronounced sah-rung). It is typically worn by women (but men can wear it too), and is usually only worn around the house (it’s kinda used as a form of pajamas). The design and fabric are usually made by either cotton or rayon.  My family migrated from Cambodia and landed in Massachusetts, United States, to get away from the Khmer Rouge. This object is unique to my family’s story because the sarongs my family have was specially made by my grandma. My grandma is good at sewing and making traditional items of clothing, so she made my mom, my sister, and I all sarongs with traditional fabrics that she got from Cambodia. Not only is it special to me because my grandma made it, but it connects me to my culture. I have never gotten to visit Cambodia yet, but I know it’s a tradition to wear sarongs there, so I’m glad we’re able to keep that tradition alive in America. My family’s story connect to other family stories because I feel like everyone has a piece of clothing that connects to their family’s culture and traditions.

Place(s): Cambodia, America

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Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant