Relationship: Im/migrant
San Judas Tadeo a valuable saint
San Judas Tadeo a valuable saint

When I was 6 years old I first learned that celebrating and praying to San Judas was part of my culture in Mexico; all my family have a custom every year to celebrate and pray to him. My San Judas is so cute, middle sized, Gold color, from Mexico, is the Gold, and the purpose is to protection. Also I pray to San Judas when I have problems with my family, boyfriend or with my health; I feel he protects me; the last time I pray to him was when I get really sick on the hospital and now I feel so healthy. Then it is important to share because I let people know that it is important of my culture in Mexico and let them know we feel good celebrating and paying to him. Lastly San Judas represents part of my Mexican culture because we celebrate in parties thankful for saints that help and protect us.   

Place(s): MEXICO
Year: 2016

– Maria Chavez

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant