San Isidro Hacienda

Hacienda - San Isidro
Hacienda - San Isidro

My great-great grandfather immigrated from Germany to Ecuador. The object that I am going to write about is my family’s Hacienda, which is located in the Northern Andean province of Cotopaxi, Ecuador.  It is used for agricultural purposes. My grandfather is still using the Hacienda to grow crops and to look after animals.  The walls are made out of clay, mud and rocks. The roof is made out of clay tiles and covered in straw. The hacienda was made 200 years ago in 1822, and my great-great grandfather built it. The name of the hacienda is: San Isidro.
These are the pictures of the hacienda. The hacienda is important to me because it makes me feel very proud of my ancestors. Even today we visit the hacienda to be with family, enjoy nature and eat food that is grown out in the open.  Eating good vebgetables and fruits has become a part of my culture because of this experience.  San Isidro is connected to my dad’s family because my dad grew up there.  He has so many childhood memories.  I am glad I live in New York because it helps me appreciate both American and Equadorian cultures.
I wonder where my ancestors got the idea to build such a beautiful hacienda near the mountains of Cotopaxi, Ecuador.  I am also wondering how long it took for my great-great grandfather to build this ancestral home.  

Place(s): Ecuador
Year: 2012

– AG

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