🇩🇴 salami & fried cheese

🇩🇴salami, fries cheese, egg and mangu
🇩🇴salami, fries cheese, egg and mangu

  Dominican salami comes from DR while fried cheese comes from Brazil and dominican republic, when I was little I used to think salami and fried cheese was disgusting because I was a picky eater (still am) but as I got older my taste buds changed and I learned to love all types of food but this combo just always seems to hit different.Dominican salami and fried cheese are important to me because it is so tasty and delicious but most of all I am dominican myself,when my grandmother was younger she met my grandpa who immigrated from Dominican Republic to the U.S and he used to eat salami, fried cheese with milk almost everyday because it reminded him of home (he sadly passed) but everyday I try and connect more and more with my culture and i will forever be grateful to be dominican and I can most definitely eat salami, fried cheese, rice and beans and any other foods that connect with my culture every day because who doesn’t love dominican food.

Place(s): New York, Dominican Republic

– Yaminah

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant