Russian Orthodox Bible

My object is a Russian Orthodox Bible. It comes from Russia. It is used for praying. People in Russia that are Orthodox use this Bible. It is made of a cover and thin delicate pages. Orthodox is a type of religion that's in many countries. Approximately 225 million people that are orthodox Christians. Countries like: Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Montenegro, Ethiopia, United States and much much more.I chose this because it really represents where I'm from. It not only teaches about my culture it also teaches me about my religion. It relates to my grandfather he immigrated from Russia to the United States in 1949. Then it was a given to my dad and he gave it to me. So, it has a lot of value for me. One day I will give it to my son.I wish I could go back in time and ask my grandfather questions about this precious book. So, I could tell my own children. I really want to know how my grandfather got this bible. Who gave it to him? Why did your religion mean so much to you?

Year: 1949

– Anton

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant