Hi my name is Ayan. I lived in Somalia for 9 years. I came to America when it was 2013 May. When I came to the USA my dad give the Quran to me to learn about our religion, Islam. I learn Quran on Saturday and Sunday my dad teachy me and my sister and my brother. We love learn Quran and we learn Arabic too and the teacher will have you a Quran to learn the next day when you see the teacher he is going to ask you read it to him for him if you don’t know it you will get in trouble. But in Africa if you don’t know your Quran the teacher can web you that how they use to discipline kids. I remember one time i did not know my Quran and the teacher said read it to me but i did not know it so he said give me your hand but he was so scared that i run to my house my house was close to the place that we learned Quran so i just run as fast as i can yeah but i don’t remember but happened after that. And everything you need to know about life and the world is in the Quran. My mom she always tell me to learn the Quran will you are young because it is good for you to learn now. 

Place(s): Somalia, St. Paul, Minnesota
Year: 2013

– Ayan Omar

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child