My object is an ornament. It’s blue, shiny, made of glass, and has a KU symbol on it with a jayhawk that represents the college Kansas University. Kansas University is the college that my parents went to and where they met. I chose this item because I want to share what I celebrate. The ornament is a part of my culture. I celebrate Christmas so this is a big part of my family and me. Every year when it's Christmas time we put up ornaments and I think that this one is my favorite. Ornaments on Christmas are similar to candles on Hanukkah and are just as important. Christmas is really important to me because it is a time where I celebrate the birth of Jesus. It's also a time where I can get with my family and have fun. I think that my ornament is a part of that because we can can have something to recognize. My uncle gave it to my family as a gift to help my family remember where my parents met and what we celebrate. Although it may not be old or passed down it still means a lot to my family. I think this object represents me because it shows the place where my parents met and what I celebrate and what my family celebrates with me.

– C

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more