Rune Necklace

Grey stone on black chain, black symbol
Grey stone on black chain, black symbol

In 2011 my dad escaped death again. That year he was diagnosed with Brugada and given a defibrillator. In 2018, I started to present the same symptoms: feverish and pale with a nasty, shallow cough. A few days into my ‘cold’, I passed out in the shower, just like my dad had seven years before. I hit the temperature handle to red, plugging the drain and boiling the water. I regained consciousness with second-degree burns on my back and shoulders. The pain that followed was indescribable; it hurt to breathe for days. During my recovery I got plenty of gifts. However, my favorite gift was a stone necklace gifted to me by my grandmother. Now, I was born Christian but did not align with what I was supposed to believe. Even as a child, I was fascinated with other beliefs: Greek, Egyptian, and Viking. This necklace, a silver stone threaded through a black leather chain, representing a key part of Norse Mythology, the usage of runes. The symbol inscribed onto the stone was made up of two different common Norse runes: Othala and Elhaz. Othala represents my ties to my family and our heritage. Elhaz represents intense protection and safety for the wearer of the rune. During the time after my episode, I needed something like the necklace more than ever. The necklace made me feel like I had the power and strength of my ancestors, and maybe even the Gods, to help me recover. I still wear the necklace every day to rid me of pain and anxiety. This necklace will become an heirloom for times of need. Hopefully, it brings the next wearer the same sense of comfort and familiarity it offered me.

– AR

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant