Relationship: Im/migrant

My object is a chicken noodle soup recipe. It comes from Poland and it is called Rosuł.   It is eaten on every Sunday in every Polish Family. This recipe is important to my family because we make it every Sunday  to remember our Polish heritage. The recipe represents my family’s culture because my great  grandma prepared it for  every Sunday dinner  and then  my grandma continued to  make that soup and obviously my mom continued it but not exactly every sunday, and   is still her favorite soup.  The many memories  I have about  rosuł in Poland is eating it  every weekend at   parties in my moms restaurant, at my families homes,  and at our house , and when i was 12 I learned how to make it. The recipe for rosuł is :

  •  take 1  whole chicken ,rinse and cut to 4 pieces
  • Boil the chicken until  water bubbles
  • Rinse  chicken again and fill  pot with  water 
  • Add salt and pepper and slowly boil the water for 1 hour
  • Prepare vegetables(carrots,union ,celery , parsley root , fresh dill ,parsley leaves )
  • Add vegetables to chicken
  • Keep boiling on  open pot for another hour 
  • After that burn half a union on a dry pan until dark  and Add to the pot
  • Add few  whole cherry tomatoes 
  • Keep boiling  for another hour
  • When it is done drain the pot for clarity under a new pot 
  • Boil pasta to serving size  and  serve 
  • Place(s): poland

    – AG

    Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant