Relationship: Child of im/migrant
This rosary is gray, and it has a cross.
This rosary is gray, and it has a cross.

It was the last day that I could see myself with my family and friends, we had a great time. My grandfather gave me a rosary, not only to remind me of it. Also in order to see that God will always be there with me to help me and whenever I need help, I pray that everything goes well for me. This object is important to me because it really helps me when I need help with something, and pray to God, he might help us every time when we need it. A definition of the object may be that since it has a cross in front, they are usually of many colors. You use it to pray when you need help with something, or are worried. My family connects because it helps us a lot, we pray that each day will go very well for us and that God will always take care of us. My grandfather gave it to me a few hours before coming here to the United States, so all these years I have been doing very well. We are waiting so that someday we can see each other again. 

Place(s): Home
Year: 2016

– Marcelo Huaman

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant