My grandmother always taught me that having faith is really important. In my family there has always been certain customs like going to church every Sunday to thank God for everything that happened during the week. One of the traditions that my family and culture has Is how my grandma prays the rosary to ask God for something and thank him. The Rosary is a devotion in honor of the Virgin Mary. It consists of 12 specific prayers. Rosaries are usually made of glass, plastic, wood, or beans. Four  years ago my mother decided to move to America to find more opportunities of work and the possibilities of a better education for me and my sister. Everything changed because it's a different country, so that means a different cultures.  At the beginning it was really difficult to find a church that had the same religion that my family has and we started to  thank God praying with the rosary that my grandma gave to us before her death. For me it's really important so I always try to keep it with me either as a bracelet, necklace or somewhere visible because my grandmother always said that if you have something that represent God you have his protection.   

Place(s): Colombia
Year: 2016

– CG

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child