Room Portrait

When I migrated to the US, I remember I stayed in my grandmother's house, and I slept in the living room and one of my first impressions was when I saw a beautiful painting that was hanging in the wall. This picture cached my attention because it was two arms grasp in the air with amazing colors such as turquoise, brownish, and some mix colors. I really like this painting because I getting hypnotic with the inside colors and details of the picture.I asked my grandmother what that image means and she tell me is about praying to God. So after that my grandmother moved to Florida and she gave away the portrait frame to my mother. And one day I was visiting my mother I saw the painting in the corner of the closet, all dirty, broken wood. After that my mom said to me, throw in the garbage, but I took it home. After I brought home the painting and I took to Michael's and I decided to replaced the old frame. This process took 3 weeks, after that I get back my painting, until today there hanging in the wall of my room, and my room looks great with this antique painting.

Year: 1997

– Eva Robalino

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