Rocks from Ireland


My object are rocks from Ireland. It might not seem like much, but they are. They’re one of the few things I have from the country my family comes from. There are intricate patterns on the rock’s surface. It’s important to my family because, like I said before, the rocks are some of the only things I have from Ireland. When I first saw these stones I realized that something as simple as a few rocks could be so beautiful. The stones were found on a beach in Ireland. When I found them they became important to me and my family. My grandmother was born in Ballyheigue, and my Mom’s cousin lives there now, along with some of my second cousins. When I stayed in Ballyheigue we went down to the beach, and collected the rocks. We came home with more than 15 rocks, some we gave to friends and family. But the ones I bought for my objects are some of me and my parent’s favorites.When I found them the beach was crowded with the rocks and a few dead jellyfish as well. I picked up so many that my pockets were weighed down and full. I remember how much I loved going to Ireland and how much I want to go again. 

Place(s): Ireland, Ballyheigue

– L

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant