Rickshaw Art

This is my rickshaw art in my home
This is my rickshaw art in my home

This is Rickshaw art. It is a form of art in Bangladesh most commonly found on rickshaws which are a type of transportation cart in the rough and populated streets of Dhaka.This piece of Rickshaw art was a gift from my friends from Bangladesh but I don't know where they got it from.It is not a tool, it is a display piece and we sometimes put small things in it like keys and  masks but we rarely do.Rickshaw art is made of paint and whatever you put it on in this case it has wood and paint.Why I chose rickshaw art:It is a big part of Bangladeshi culture and is something very special to me

Rickshaw art teaches us the beautiful animals, people, places of Bangladesh through beautiful art.The Rickshaw art is connected to my moms side of the family because she was born and raised in Bangladesh then moved here in the 90’s and knows the language 

   Acknowledgements: This art is very important to me and is one of the many wonders in Bangladesh.

Place(s): Chittagong
Year: 2014

– RP

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child