Rice Dish

This is the dish.
This is the dish.

This is a dish that has been present in our household for 50+ years. This has been passed down generations by my family in my homeland Pakistan. My great-grandma first got it from her mother and then she passed it down to my grandmother and now this dish is my mom's possession and this dish reminds me of all the delicious food my mom serves in it. My mom brought this dish over here to the U.S when we moved here in late 2018 and this dish also reminds me of where I'm originally from and it reminds me of traditional Pakistani food and it makes me remember when my mom used to serve me and my sister food in this dish right after we got home from school in the scorching heat of Pakistan. This dish also means a lot to my family because my grandma passed away a few months ago and it is just another way of remembering her beautiful soul. This dish will be passed down to my sister after and then future generations and it will always give our family a way of remembering its roots and our beautiful culture and traditions. 

Place(s): Pakistan
Year: 2018

– Syed Hassan Abrar

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child