Rice and beans (Food dish)

Rice and beans
Rice and beans

My mother and her side of the family were born in mexico. For years and years, they would eat the basic Pinto beans and rice. But it was delicious. It was a flavor that never seemed to go away. It was inviting and had an amazing aroma. My family usually ate that most of the time because it was the only thing they could really afford. When my mother and her family moved her to Los Angeles, they were starting to settle and try and find jobs. But the same dish was served the majority of the time. And eventually, when my mother and I met and had  a family, they still do to this day, serve rice and beans. My grandmother, my mom’s mother, had taught her how to cook and she does this today. I, myself have eaten the same dish, and I can personally say, that is a dish that will never grow old and will always be amazing. 

Place(s): United States

– Verbum Dei

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant