My object is the pork ribs my dad makes when he is barbecuing. They taste really good even with ketchup. We would also use things like mustard or spices. I don't know what they are called though. My dad usually makes a ton so we can save them in our fridge to reheat throughout the week. They are the best fresh off the grill though. The reason why I chose this is because when I eat the ribs my mouth waters. Also, it reminds me of summer and times when me and my dad have all three months to ourselves!!! In the summer, me and my dad would be able to grill outside in the hot sun. We always barbecue on the front porch where we can sit and enjoy the nice weather. I get excited when we do it because me and my dad can talk and then we can bond together. 
My dad and barbecuing is like me and video games. We both love them and they are cool! And sometimes my friend named Augustine will come up to eat and down to cook with my dad and talk. Augustine lives down stairs from me.
Something I want to talk to my dad about is when can I make stuff like you. Because I want to make hamburgers or my own pork. Or I just want to barbecue myself.

Place(s): Brooklyn

– OA

Relationship:  unknown unknown