Red Pickup Truck

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Me and my cousins in the truck.
Me and my cousins in the truck.

Ever since I can remember, I have gone to my cabin during the summer. It is a place of good times and happy memories that are a big part of why I am who I am today. Not only do I get to see my cousins and spend time with my family,  but there is always something to do and another adventure waiting to be found. Whether it is swimming, playing games, or maybe one of my favorite things, going for rides in the old red pick up truck that sits in the grassy driveway behind my cabin. That old, red, rusty pick up truck that is shared among my extended family is something that has been a big part of my childhood and growing up. 
The truck was passed on to us from my Grandpa. He was born in Aitkin, Minnesota at my cabin and he grew up there with his family. They owned a resort on the lake and rented out cabins to make money. Eventually the cabins were passed on to me and my cousins, and along with them, that red truck. I have sat on that rusty tailgate more times than I can count, riding through the fields around my cabin while my feet dangle down and touch the grass. Everytime is a new adventure with my siblings and cousins, from discovering something, to getting stuck, we always come back with a new story to share. The red pick up truck is a reminder of who I am, how I’m shaped by the people around me, and the memories we make. The times I have spent at my cabin and riding in that truck are ones that I wouldn't trade for anything because without them I wouldn’t be me. 

– Samantha Madge

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