Red Envelope

A single red envelope with "fu".
A single red envelope with "fu".

Lunar New Year is one of the most important holidays in the Chinese culture. Many Chinese and even more people celebrate it every year on January 1st in the lunar calendar. People will have meals with their families and give out gifts. One of the most common gifts is the red envelope. It is usually given by the older people to the younger people with a meaning of blessing for the younger people. It is made of paper printed in red and some text, for example, “福” (Fu, means bliss). And it is filled with some money, it can be from 5 Yuan (currency in China) to hundreds Yuan. And because of this, many kids love the Lunar New Year and are always excited for it. Because they can get a lot of money from their parents and other adults. To buy their snacks and toys. My family still celebrate this here in the United States. And I will pass this tradition down to my children in the future. It is part of our identity as Chinese immigrants and our culture. And lastly as a way of giving happiness to my children.

Place(s): New York/China
Year: 2017

– X.L.

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child