Ravioli Day

In my family we set aside a day each November that we call, "Ravioli Day" where we spend the day making about four hundred raviolis from scratch. The specific date of Ravioli Day changes based upon the availability of my immediate family to get together, but it is always in November before Thanksgiving. My mom is 100% Italian, and we use the recipe her grandmother has passed down through her family. We make the dough, the filing, the sauce (which we call gravy) all in one day. We usually eat a couple of the fresh raviolis for dinner that night, while the rest are frozen and saved for the upcoming holiday season of Thanksgiving and Christmas. For these holidays we bring the raviolis for the entire family as a side for our potluck dinners. Our holidays are typically spent with my father's side of the family, who is Polish; however, my great-grandmother's ravioli recipe has become a family tradition that my parents and I enjoy making, and is a dish that we and my extended family love to eat!

Place(s): Italy, Chicago

– Steve Sismelich

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