Ravioli Chrirstamas Eve

Ravioli meat and meat broth
Ravioli meat and meat broth

Our family would have meat ravioli in soup every christmas eve and we would all meet and gather in the house which was passed on through generations and now it's my grandpa’s, located in Tuscany, Italy. My family and cousins would all meet in Tuscany 4 days before we started the ravioli to be ready, everyone had a role to do during the making of the food. When I was younger my cousins and I roles was to set up the table during christmas eve dinner and bring cooking materials to the kitchen, my cousins and I were barely able to see the making of the ravioli but now since im older the past christmas eve’s my gramma and others have taught me how to make it and making meat ravioli in soup for christmas eve is a big tradition in my italian side of the family and it was passed on through many years. Ravioli is very common in Italy and there’s a lot of different combinations you could put inside the ravioli like broccoli,pork and cheese but our tradition was always meat and meat broth. Ravioli comes from the region Liguria which is located in northern Italy and the dish was named after a renowned 13 century chief by that name. 

Place(s): Tuscany, Italy

– Daniel Laffitte

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant