Ras El Hanout

Ras El Hanout is my favorite spice. I emigrated from Morocco to America in August 2007. Soon, I realized that the food here didn’t have the same flavor as the food in my country and I would not be able to cook food that was as flavorful as before. This realization made me unhappy and nostalgic for my country and my mom’s food. At first, couldn’t find my favorite Moroccan spice anywhere and I couldn’t find anyone who knew how to make it. Finally I decided to make the mix myself. I started searching online until I found out how to make it. When my older brother come to visit me; he asked me if I wanted him to bring anything from Morocco. Immediately, I said spice, barley flour and lavender. He started laughing. Three years later, things in my neighborhood have changed. Now many stores carry my beloved Ras El Hanout.

Year: 2007

– malika

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