Le Riz Au Gras

Relationship: Im/migrant
a senegalese meal called Riz Au Gras
a senegalese meal called Riz Au Gras

In my home country(Guinea) my mother spent hours each day to prepare meals for the family. But once we migrated to the U.S, the decided to take on two major jobs. Taking care of the family and her job. This was a very big challenge at first because she didn't spent have anytime to cook and spent with the family after work. But overtime she finally found a solution. she realized that while most meals don't stay fresh for multiple days, some meals stayed fresh in whole week sometimes. This brought her attention toward a meals that she used to cook on special occasions, a meal made out of rice meat and some other ingredients. This meal is called the "Riz Au Gras" a very famous meals in Senegal where my she grew up. But What Mom realized was that with the Riz Au Gras she won't have to cook as often as she used to, and the whole family likes it. This meal saves my mother time to work and have spare time to spend with the family.

Place(s): Senegal

– A.D

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant