The Quran is important to me because it symbolizes my culture and religion. The Quran is also important to me because it has the Word of God. The Quran is also important to me because my paternal grandmother brought the Quran from Bangladesh. That is why it so important to me. The Quran may just cost a small amount of money, but to me it is even more precious than a sack of diamonds. It is a leather bound book with fine pages that are very thin in your fingers. The teachings of Islam the first and last religion are found in the holy book called the Quran. Muslims believe in one god called Allah and his prophet Muhammad. Islam is based on five pillars of rules that every Muslim must follow Reciting the Muslim Creed at least once Praying 5x a day while facing the holy city of Mecca(Capital of Saudi Arabia) Donating a proportion of income to Charitable foundations Fasting during the month of Ramadan Making a pilgrimage to Mecca I chose this object because it means a lot to me as a Muslim. My family has taught me since I was very young to be proud of my Muslim faith. It is important for us to take part of all the great things that America has to offer, but also continue to live as traditional Muslims. My grandparents and parents want to make sure that I do not forget where my family came from.

Year: 2000

– Mahiv

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