Pupusas made by my mom
Pupusas made by my mom

My family loves to eat, especially my mother’s food. Every time there is a special event, my mother and her niece cook delicious meals. Both make many dishes that are very common in El Salvador. The dish that is most cooked is pupusas. Pupusas are cooked for any special event. They say they cook that dish a lot because they want to continue the family tradition.  My mother says she also does pupusas because she remembers her country. That every bite she gives a Pupusa reminds her of her childhood. And the only way to revive them is when she makes Pupusas and invites his niece to eat with us. When we eat as a family, my mother says that’s where she relives those moments she had with her brothers and my grandmother.  My mother wants my brothers and me to learn how to make pupusas so that we also continue with that tradition, and also have memories that we want to relive when we are old. And tell our children about it in the future. does not want to miss that tradition of making Pupusas and eating with the family to create more new memories. It also says sitting and eating together with family. That’s how we make those memories. And eating pupusas as we tell our story. that's what makes it most fun and memorable.  and this dish will continue to represent us from generation to generation. In addition, this dish is something very important and it is what unites our family 

Place(s): El Salvador, Washington

– J.V

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