Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Pupusas, a corn tortilla
Pupusas, a corn tortilla

A pupusa, a thick corn tortilla filled with delicious ingredients beans, cheese, pork, & squash often served with curtido(fermented cabbage slaw)& tomato sauce.Pupusas are a staple of salvadoran culture, it is full of warmth and comfort for my family and I.It is a family tradition that brings us together, bringing up stories and memories from my heritage and country.My tia teaches my little sister and I how to make pupusas, learning from her is always an experience and a moment full of laughter and adoration.We do this all while she shares stories and memories of my moms adventures back in Salvador.We shape the dough with wet hands from oil, marking out stories into the masa. With each pupusa, we pass down traditions, going over generations and distance. It is never easy being away from home.The flavors & memories come together, making me be appreciative of all the hard work and sacrifices from my dad, my mom, & abuelos, all for a better life. Every bite reminds me of the old times, all the love and laughter from when I go back home. Pupusas are a symbol of strength and determination in a family. Through every fold,I will carry my family's story forward through future generations.It makes me feel connected to my roots, my culture, & family's journey. Pupusas are a celebration of life and love.Pupusas are a piece of home, comfort, & a history of family especially when my family is 2,965.9 miles away from home. 

Place(s): El Salvador

– Ariana

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant