Puerto Rican Home Meal

Plantains, Pork, Rice and Beans
Plantains, Pork, Rice and Beans

Rice, and beans; A homestyle meal that our family has usually once a month or two. Passed down from one family member to another, but with the rice and bean recipe never changing. Almost like it was perfection, and everyone could agree. The rice recipe was from my great-grandmother, it was then passed down and taught until it reached me and my siblings. The rice itself works with more than one meal, we have it with chicken, pork, beef and anything that could use a savory type of rice. The beans themselves are special too, they have a large combination of spices, including adobo, turmeric, and ginger. The two side dishes together make a meal for our family, even the leftovers. My dad introduced me to Pegao which is the burnt rice at the bottom of the pot you cooked the rice in. On the weekends we would have rice and beans and melt some cheese on top to give it that thick creamy taste we admire. The meal is very important to me and my family, it says who we are and what we love. It has helped our family bond when my dad and grandma would teach me how to make it. Even a comfort food can help create a dynamic and bond nothing else can. 

Place(s): Puerto Rico


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