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Relationship: Child of im/migrant

My PS4 identifies me because when I use my PS4 I can be myself. I have my PS4 right now because my parents had chosen to come to America. They took a plane to America around the year 2000 and landed in Chicago. When they landed they did not have a lot of money and my uncle was already in America so he picked them up. As time passed my dad went to a school where immigrants go to learn what you learn in kindergarten to 12th grade in 2 years. After he finished that he get a job and works. Years later they moved to Minnesota because there was more family in Minnesota. That is why I have a PS4 right now. I have had my PS4 for about 2 years now. On my PS4 the game I mostly play is Fortnite. I have spent over $100 on Fortnite. I use money on that game because all my friends play that game and I play up to 8 hours a day if I have nothing to do. Other games I play are UFC, Call Of Duty, GTA, and others. I got my PS4 from my brother. When my cousins come over for something we are always playing. The PS4 games we play are UFC, Minecraft and others. That is why my PS4 identifies me. 

Place(s): Laos, Chicago, St. Paul, Minnesota

– Lucky Moua

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant