Prayer Mat

Relationship: Im/migrant

My object is a prayer mat. We use the praying mat for praying. This object could be found in every Muslim home. The ones that I have are from Mecca. I never went to Mecca, but my grandfather has many times, and he got them for my dad. I also got one too. The ones from Mecca is really really really really rare, and I mean really rare. The people that use the  praying mat are Muslims. The  praying mat are hand woven and the designs are intricate. 
I chose this object because it is really important to my religion and if we do not pray on it our prayer does not count. This object teaches me how to pray, how we pray in our culture is very specific. As a Muslim we have to pray several times a day, five in total. They are to said at certain times of the day: morning, noon, mid afternoon, evening, night. You are to take your shoes off and wash your hands, feet, face, and ears. 
 My goal is that one day that I will go to Mecca one day like my grandfather did. I will teach my children the importance to pray and to be proud to be muslim..

– Tahasin

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant