Pray Mat

Relationship: Im/migrant

I chose this artifact because this object is important to me because I use it to pray.  The praying mat is from Yemen.  I brought this object to school because my teacher told me to bring an artifact so I brought a praying mat.  I got the object from my Mom and Dad. They gave me this object because they also used it in Yemen when they lived there and also in America now.  I also learned that you have to read the Quran to pray because the words you read, you say when you pray.  When I was nine years old, my dad told me it's time for me to start praying.  When we started doing immigration unit it put a lot of meaning and I started to using it more.  When we never started immigration I never used it that much. In our tradition, Eid, we wake up early and go to the Mosque to pray.  As a family, we go to pray near the ocean.  When were are done with all the prayers, we go somewhere like a store or a restaurant. The fun part is we get money from our parents.

Place(s): Yemen
Year: 2009

– Akram

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant