Pow Wows: The Long-Lost Friend

I don't own this book. Nor am I Amish. This book was most likely owned by John Blymire who in "1928, under the malicious advice of a local witch named Nellie Noll (known as the River Witch of Marietta), John Blymire believed that he had been cursed by Nelson Rehmeyer. Blymire and his accomplices broke into Rehmeyer's home to find his copy of the braucherei 'spell book', the Long Lost Friend. Blymire and his fellow conspirators John Curry and Wilbert Hess (who likewise felt victimized by Rehmeyer) were unable to find the book, but did find Rehmeyer himself, whom they killed and mutilated in hopes that this would lift the curse." What's that got to do with me? My maternal grandfather, then a young lawyer, defended John Blymire, in the infamous Hex trials. My grandfather's family were from St. Petersburg, Russia and emigrated to the US, through the Port of Baltimore in the 1880s. They settled in Central, Pa and started several businesses including a pawn shop and sporting goods. My grandfather's generation - already 2 or 3rd, all went to college, women and men. Most of the men got professional degrees, in law or medicine. They were interested in culture, politics and social justice. My grandfather went on to become the Attorney General of Pennsylvania and eventually served on the State Supreme court.

Year: 1920

– A. Rubin

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