My object is potatoes and they are very important to my family. I am half Jewish and half Irish. As a family tradition, we eat it on Jewish and Irish holidays. My whole family has it on those holidays. I have been eating them since I was a little kid because of how significant it is to my family. We eat Potatoes on Irish holidays like Saint Patrick's Day. Then for Jewish holidays we eat mashed potatoes and potato Latkes, on holidays like Rosh Hashanah.
I chose potatoes because they are a big thing that my family eats. Also, on my Irish side we have a story that is about the Potato Famine. The Potato Famine was when a disease called “Blite” (which was caused by the British) made it so the potatoes could not grow. Since potatoes were one of the main things Irish people ate, it left lots of people starving. Also, lots of people were poor and relied on potatoes to survive. Lots of people died of starvation. This teaches me that potatoes were very important to my culture. Potatoes are connected to my ancestors from Ireland, Poland, Russia and other places in Europe.
A question I have for my ancestors is when did people start eating potatoes? Also, what kinds of potatoes were most commonly eaten like sweet potatoes or just plain potatoes. In conclusion, that is why potatoes are important to my culture. 

Place(s): Ireland

– JO'C

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant