Finding an item about my family’s immigration story was a little hard for me because a lot my family’s things are still left in China. So the item that I chose to write about for my family’s immigration story is my mom’s bowl. I don’t exactly remember how long she’s had it, but she told me she’s had the bowl before she came to America. From what she told me, she’s had the bowl for over 20 years. When I was younger my mom always used it. This was back when my family wasn’t as well off. So she knew how to take good care of everything. The bowl doesn’t even look worn out. Whenever my mom starts to cook, she would use the bowl to soak beans, or put it in the center of the dinner table. Whenever we had relatives over, she would cook food and put the food in the bowl. That time only a few of my relatives moved to the states. But now since more of my relatives are living in America my mom had to switch to a bigger bowl. Even though my mom doesn’t use the bowl as often as she did before, she does use it on occasion when she is cooking. It is good to see it once in a while because it just reminds me of what kind of life my mom had before she came to New York.

Year: 1994

– Pei

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