Portuguese Flag

One thing that represents my family is the Portuguese flag. The flag has been passed down many generations in my family. The flag represents the place and culture my family has come from. The flag means a lot to my dad because it reminds him of his family and the place he is from. My dad is the only person that speaks Portuguese in my family. His grandmother taught him when he was young. The flag was passed down to him to remind him of his culture and now the flag will be passed down to me and then my other sister. Part of my family is Portuguese, so it reminds them of other family we have and how immigration has changed their lives a lot but they still remind us of what culture we are and how we haven’t lost our connection over the many years we have lived in the United States. Everyday I learn something new about my background and how they lost a lot from leaving where they used to live but they made a good choice to move here, so the Portuguese flag means a lot to my family. The flag represents the freedom we have and how my family had done everything and anything to get here and no matter what we haven’t forgotten where we are from. So, when i have the flag passed down to me I won’t forget where I am from and how lucky I am to be able to have this flag and keep the pride going through my family. That is how the Portuguese flag represents part of my family.

Year: 1965

– Brianna Hoffman

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