Porcelain Doll

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Relationship: Im/migrant

We all have some object that represents good times in our life. We use this object to have something palpable that represents our feelings. When I decided to live in New York and left my professional and family life in Brazil, I brought with me a porcelain doll. This doll is the size of one hand span and because of that it does not take up much space. She is a character in a cartoon of Disney and her personality represents my new stage in life. I received this gift from my student who said that every time she watched the movie of this queen she remembered me.More than an object, this doll represents my courage in living this adventure that is living outside my country. The meaning she has for me is that it's okay to be different from what the world expects you to be. That freedom is the greatest treasure that humanity has, so breaking barriers is part of our learning process. Having this doll with me and looking at it every day when I wake up reminds me that this new Ana Paula who I am is the fruit of Ana Paula's previous labour. Looking at this doll reminds me that I still have a whole world to get.Some people are born with roots, others are born with wings and the greatest magic in life is to recognize their essence without fear of what others will think about. Elsa is the representation that I am strong and that even in the midst of the fears I will be proud to have decided to accept that I have wings.

– Ana Paula Nunes

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant