Porcelain Doll

One of the dolls that my grandma made
One of the dolls that my grandma made

Upon entering my grandparent’s house, in the living room, there had always been a china filled with dolls of all shapes and sizes.  When I was younger I had figured that she had just collected the dolls. I had even bought her a doll for her birthday. However, after my grandfather’s passing she decided to give the dolls her grandchildren. It was not until that moment that my I came to understand the importance of those dolls to my grandmother.In 1962 My grandmother, Rosa de Maria Garcia, immigrated to the United States of America from Guadalajara,Mexico. My grandparents have always been very proud of their Mexican heritage and culture. They have made sure that we have the same orgullo for our home country. My grandma immigrated to the United States due to the fact that there were more job opportunities and the pay was better. My grandmother came to the United States only knowing how to speak Spanish. Once entering the United States she was forced to learn English  So in order to do so she would attend doll-making classes. She said “we would be given a porcelain doll. We would then paint a face on it, fix its hair, and would knit its clothing. I would love dressing it up. Each one I would make made think of my homeland and my father. When I was a child every year for my birthday he would give me a muneca.” At first she attended the classes to “assimilate” but she was able to connect this experience to her culture and childhood. Always showing orgullo for her true home.

Year: 1962

– Monique Garcia

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant