Pocket watch

My late grandfather's pocket watch.
My late grandfather's pocket watch.

When my dad was 8 years old he lost his father to colon cancer, Grandpa Jim. I hear all of these stories about the great man he was, and I believe it. My favorite story is the one where my grandma and Grandpa Jim went to a Christmas party. There was live music and soon people began to sing Christmas carols. One man told my grandma to sing a song for the room because he had heard her singing at church. My grandma went to the front of the room and began to sing and without even asking Grandpa Jim kicked the piano player off the piano and began playing Let it Snow while my grandma sang. He had to be great because we keep little memories of him everywhere. In ornaments, photographs, letters, and his pocket watch. When Grandpa Jim was young his father gifted him a pocket watch that was gifted to him by his father. A beautiful gold pocket watch that Grandpa Jim carried every day. Before he died, he instructed my grandma to give his watch to my dad when the time was right. 40 years later and my family now has that pocket watch sitting on our mantle on display for everyone to see. The pocket watch was supposed to be passed down to the firstborn son, but my mom and dad had two girls. It’s breaking tradition slightly, but soon one day I'll have that pocket watch sitting on my mantle keeping his memory alive and well. A great man who changed the lives of so many with his kind heart and strong morals. That watch will always be a remembrance of the person we should all aspire to be like.

Place(s): Greensboro, North Carolina

– CS

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