Plate with flowers

Porcelain Plate
Porcelain Plate

 My item is a plate with flowers on it.  Many generations of my family have used this plate to hold food during the holidays.  This Item is from England that my great great grandmother got from her mother.  This plate tells the story of my great great grandmother's tradition and how she immigrated to America from Italy.  In the 1920’s Fortunata was born and her family had these special plates that were used during the holidays. Later, Fortunata was given these plates from her mother and immigrated over to America in the 1940’s. When she got to America she found a place to live in Brooklyn with these plates. While she settled in Brooklyn she celebrated many holidays with these plates with her family.  Later,  Fortunata moved to New Jersey with these plates. Fortunata’s daughter Nickasa had a baby named Mike who is my mom’s dad. In New Jersey Pop Pop Mike and my Great great Grandmother always used these plates for Christmas and Easter. For years this Item was used for celebrations for the holidays and Easter. When Fortunata passed away she passed these plates to her daughter who passed it to my mom to keep the tradition during holidays with these plates. Today these plates are 79 years old and are originally from England. We still use these plates because it represents my family's history and traditions from the past. It reminds us of our culture.

Place(s): Italy, and England

– JF

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more