Relationship: Child of im/migrant

Platano has played a major role in my family’s life. When my father was young, his family had little to nothing. He worked anywhere he could as soon as he could, just to get through day after day. He worked until he could obtain his father’s land, and what he started there would what shapes his future. He started a platano farm in the Dominican Republic which he then turned into a plantation with a diverse amount of products being shipped out and rewarding him for the hard work. When he made enough money he moved to New York following a few other family members who helped him get started. He started his own business, a bodega, which was common for that area. One main product that my dad and his family sold was platano. His business grew rapidly. Until my dad got too generous with his money, causing a downfall in the business. He then moved with his family, including me to Lowell Massachusetts where he started up another business where platano was a major factor because instead of just selling it raw, he found multiple ways of it being sold. Without the blessing of platanos my father’s life and my life would be completely different. This one plant has shaped my life as so many others who depend on it every day. 

Place(s): Dominican Republic, New York, Lowell MA

– PM

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant