I come from a very big Italian family, my grandmother came over to America from Naples Italy in 1953 on the forth of July. She came over by herself on a plane while her parents came by boat. A pizzelle machine was brought over with them because it was an important part of making the most special holiday perfect. This machine was past down to my grandmother from her mother. Although I never met my great grandmother, I can just picture her making these pizzelle cookies just from the stories my grandmother tells me, and the pictures she shows me. This machine reminds me of all the fun times I have when all my cousins come over and together we make these cookies, laughing and having a great time, listening and dancing to Christmas music in my kitchen. Together we mix the batter making sure every thing is perfect, then one by one we take turns pouring just a little batter into the Pizzelle maker, closing the machine and counting fifteen second. When we open it they look like beautiful snowflakes, which is perfect for the winter season. After we finish making the cookies and we have 4 full boxes of them, we wrap them up and save them for Christmas day. This is so special to me because family is very important to me, my grandmother is one of the most important people in my life because she is the glue to the family, and she keeps everyone together and happy.

Year: 1940

– Alexandra Iannarelli

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