Relationship: Child of im/migrant

My item is from the Philippines, it’s called a piso and was brought here from my mother's side. She had it with her just in case she needed something to snatch along in case of an emergency. Piso is a currency mainly used in the western spots of the Philippines. A single piso can be equivalent to 0.019 USA dollars. The piso that has one boldly marked has traces of what used to be a silver coin with marks that leave 1995. The five dollar piso is rather more than a rusty dark yellow that shines differently from different angles. If you look closely, just squint a bit, you can see the name `Emilio Acuinaldo` who was someone very important to my culture and my mom`s country. Over time my mom said she could feel the piso burning her hands like a great rich. In the Philippines its perpetual summer and you roast under the hot rays of the sun. I know a small little coin to your eye may seem like nothing, but when my mom was a child a single peso made her smile up to the big blue sky. It was almost a miracle to her.  I see how my mother’s face brightens when she thinks of her home country of the Philippines. And, I see my mother with different eyes, one who despite growing up in a country filled with so much poverty, felt rich with a single coin in her palm.  

Place(s): Phillipines

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Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant