Pinball Machine

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My object is a pinball machine. At first glance, it has two big metal and wooden boxes.On the top box is a Jack in the Box with people around it, with dyed hair. Right above that is the scoreboard.The bottom box has a glass top, underneath the glass that has a slight slant board covered in paint mainly pink with red. Also underneath the glass are flippers, two big bells, a thing to launch the marble, and clowns that when hit go down. If you were to open it up though, you would find that there is lots of wiring. When you place your hands on it, it is cold because it’s metal. The materials used to When played, it sounds like a marble hitting against bells. 
The object of pinball is to gain as many points as you can by hitting the marble with the two flippers and knocking it into various obstacles. How you lose is the ball passes the flippers. In pinball you typically have 3-5 balls, but once you lose all the balls, it’s game over. 
The machine was given to my dad when he was a kid on Hanukkah. Then when I became old enough to play he taught me the game. It is important to me because I love pinball. It is also important to me because my dad took time to teach me how to play and is something we can both bond over.make it are metal, wood, plastic, and rubber. It occasionally smells dusty and metallic.  

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