When I was nineteen, I decided to leave Poland and discover new horizons in America. As a camp worker, I was told to bring all necessary belongings with me. For instance, I should bring a pillow and sleeping bag. My concerned mother had sewn a pillow for me and said, “this pillow will give you rest and bring memories of your home and family.” It has been ten years since I immigrated to the US, and this pillow has been migrating with me from the summer camp to New York while I was confronting difficulties and changing residencies. Having this cushion under my head means having my head on my mother’s lap. After I had faced serious health problems, this pillow brought me life and motivated me to be a better daughter. This pillow thoroughly connects my life with the part of me that I left behind ten years ago, and serves as a reminder of who I am and what my origin is. Even though I am planning on changing blankets and pillows, I will never get rid of the one that my mother made.

Year: 2005

– Katarzyna Kalandyk Klos

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