Pickle Ornament

Shiny pickle ornament
Shiny pickle ornament

My object is a pickle ornament. It was passed down from my Great Grandmother to her daughter (my Mother’s Mother) then it was passed down from my Mother’s Mother to her. 
The traditional way to use the pickle ornament is when all the children are asleep the parents sneak to the tree and place it on one of the branches. When the children wake up they have to search for the ornament. The first child to find the ornament gets to open a special present. But since I am an only child and my Mother does not want to wake up early to place an ornament on a tree we just have a friend come over. While one of us devours a candy cane and stares into the palms of our hands the other hides the pickle on the tree somewhere. When the person hiding the pickle says Done the other has to find it and we do that until one of us gets bored. We tally up the points and the person with the most points gets an extra candy cane. I like hiding the pickle on the tree because it is an improvement upon regular Christmas. I wonder why it became a tradition in our family?

Place(s): USA

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