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Black hard maple piano
Black hard maple piano

When I was in elementary school I would always come home to my uncle learning how to play the piano his mother, my grandmother, had bought for him. He would sit there and learn almost everyday. At the time, however, I was more interested in Sports.Everyday I would practice soccer.I started sitting in the living room listening to him play. Everyday I went there to listen to him play. I was fascinated by the fact that just two hands could play basically any song you could think of. I started listening to piano music in my free time or just whenever I would listen to music in general. As I started learning more and more about the piano I drifted away from playing soccer. I was starting to Enjoy the piano more than soccer.Piano was my escape. And after a couple weeks of listening to piano music my uncle had moved onto playing the drums. And since the piano wasn’t being played anymore I started learning how to play the piano. There was only one problem though and that was the fact that unlike him I didn’t have anyone to teach me how to play. So I would sit on the computer researching how to read notes,What each one meant and what key they were, And how to use the sustain correctly.Then after a couple of weeks I ended up getting a piano class. It was only helpful to me for a couple of days though. After that I felt like learning on my own was just better since I was making more progress that way. Then after a year of playing piano I learned perfect pitch.Anytime I hear a song it's like the notes just pop up in my head.Now I’m currently learning how to perfect the perfect pitch.

Place(s): Napa CA

– Isaiah G

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