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This is a camp site in pi pi campground
This is a camp site in pi pi campground

Of course I have a lot of memories of my Stepmom. It’s only natural considering that we lived under the same roof of our somewhat spacious home from the time I was 3 until I was 16. And, as is the case with most children and parents, I imagine, some of my memories of my stepmom are happy, some not quite so much. But the memories that remain most vividly in my mind now fall into the happy category.; Like this one for instance.

my family and I used to go camping at this campground called Pi Pi. Every time we drove in I smelt the fresh pine trees and the cold river down the hill. This tradition was passed down from my great grandmother to my grandma and then finally to my stepmom. This place was where I was taught how to camp and learn how to do anything to do with the outdoors. My stepmom said she used to go every summer and remembers the pup tents each of their siblings had and how when it rained her uncle would set up a tarp and a fire and play harmonica around the fire. One of her memories was when it was raining they woke up and smelt the fresh cold air and the mist of a rainy night when they got out of their tents they saw an Indigenous man come into the middle of the meadow in the middle of the campground,  lay down a blanket, and start a rain dance. At the end of it he jumped landing on his back, and it started pouring down rain and hail and they all started laughing. When I first went there she taught me everything important there and all of her memories and I think when I become an adult I am going to bring my family to Pi Pi and teach them everything I learned.

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– Mason Medina

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