Dragon Ball model

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Relationship: Im/migrant
Dragon Ball model
Dragon Ball model

When I was little, I met a little girl who lived next to me, and we coincidentally went to the same school. She was small with wavy brown hair, and she always wore her hair down. We liked the same things, and we had a nice connection. While I liked being at home, she liked to go to the parks to walk, and she always forced me to accompany her. We liked to do many things together. When we grew up, we liked to go dancing, singing and seeing new places. Before I went to the United States, my best friend gave me a modal of this dragon. She knew how much I liked dragons because when I was younger, I watched Dragon Ball on TV with my uncle. We watched this show every day at 6:00. The dragon is green, yellow, red, white and brown, and surrounding it, there are glass balls. The balls have stars inside, and each ball has one more star than the one next to it. I now have this dragon on a shelf in my room. When I look at it, I remember her because I miss her. She was my friend for ten years, and that's why when I see the dragon, I feel good inside. 

Place(s): New York City, Ecuador
Year: 2021

– Josue Matute

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant