Photo of grandfather


My object is a photo of my grandfather when he was in the Vietnam War. The photo was taken of him at about 1969, when he was in a military base training and getting ready to go to Vietnam to fight a war. He was training to be a field medic, a job that made him everyday risk his own life to save others on the battlefield. This photo is important to me because it shows the dedication my family has had to their country. He was a volunteer who because of his college experience, was able to move up the ranks quickly. I think that it is especially amazing because he had chances already at that age because he went to a good college and had training to do a lot, but instead chose to help people. My mother gave me this photo to show me how dedicated and devoted to America at one time our family members like my grandfather were. He was not the only family member that has been to war for their country, as many others in my family like my grandmother, her brothers, have all been to war to preserve the American Identity that they have lived for. He risked his life everyday for his own country, to preserve the identities of everyone who lived here, and that's why I appreciate it so much.

Place(s): America, Vietnam

– Grey Tratenberg

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more