This is a newspaper of my great-great-great-grandfather on my mom's side and it came from Peekskill, NY.  He was in the newspaper and it was called Peekskill People Portrayed. Peekskill is close to Chappaqua, where we live now. This is used for looking back and seeing what my relatives looked like and what they did and if they fought in any wars. Sidney T. Dickerman did fight in the Battle Of Gettysburg and he was on the Union's side. It also said in the article that his political views were Republican. He also lived until the age of 82 (1833-1915). He had three wives because he outlived them. This newspaper was passed on from my ancestors to my grandma.  It is important to me because it reminds me who my ancestors are and it makes me proud that Sidney T. Dickerman fought in the Civil War at the Battle of Gettysburg. This newspaper represents my mom's side of the family because Sidney T. Dickerman was a farmer. Most of my ancestors are farmers on my mom’s side, probably because they moved from Ireland and Scotland. This relates to my immigration because like I said they were farmers and in Ireland and Scotland they were farmers too. It says it is from December 24, 19__ and it cuts out here but my family believes that they did this when he died in 1915 so probably December 24, 1915.

Place(s): Peekskill

– JD

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more