My Grandmother (Abuela)

This is a photo of my Abuela.
This is a photo of my Abuela.

My Old Photo

My object is an old photo that my Abuela brought from Cuba. My Abuela brought the photo so it could remind herself of when she was in Cuba. This photo was taken in Cuba in the 1940’s, and she took it with her when she came to America in the 1950’s. The photo was my Abuela’s,  then it was my Mom’s, and then when I get older I will get the photo. The photo was made out of thick photo paper.I chose this photo as my item because it will be passed down to me, and it’s one of the pictures that my Abuela brought with her from Cuba. This picture shows me how old the photo is by noticing the photo quality,  the way she is dressed, and by the way her hair is styled. This photo is from Mom’s side.One question I do have is why did you take this picture? This shows me how meaningful photographs could be by seeing that she really cared about this photo so she took it with her when she went to America.

Place(s): Cuba

– Ivy Rose McAleer

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant